July 22, 2016

VMHD hits five million pages served!

How about that? Almost ten years old and we’ve now served over five million pages to the great cable viewing public.

Virgin shuffling channel numbers next week

Virgin Media’s shuffling around some of its channel numbers on July 26th. Here are the HD changes:

BBC Four HD moves from 164 to 163 (why they haven’t moved it to the slot vacated by BBC Three SD (106) is beyond me)
Sky Sports 1 HD moves from 502 to 501, and similarly
Sky Sports 2 HD moves to 502
Sky Sports 3 HD moves to 503
Sky Sports 4 HD moves to 504
Sky Sports 5 HD moves to 505
Sky Sports News HD moves to 506
Sky Sports F1 HD moves to 508

Nothing in 507, which could be being left open for possibly Sky Sports Mix HD or whatever else they’ve got up their sleeves to (possibly) justify the cost of the Sky Sports lineup.

July 07, 2016

Ultra HD Sky Cinema on Virgin Media in 2016?

That's what this week's Virgin Media Presents email is promising!

Sky Movies is now Sky Cinema

SPECTRE + Sky Cinema round-up

What do you think of the new look? Welcome to Sky Cinema, the new (and improved) home of Sky Movies. Oh yes, it's had much more than just a name change…
Sky Movies customers can now kick back and enjoy more of the latest blockbusters than any other subscription service. And that's not even the half of it! You'll get a new movie premiere every single day, over 1,000 films to choose from on demand, new and improved HD as standard, sound closer to the cinema… (draw breath)… a chance to broaden your horizons with World Cinema Wednesday and, to give you even more to look forward to, Ultra HD films by the end of the year

July 01, 2016

New Now TV combo deals

Sky has announced the launch this month of new “combo” deals that will compete with Virgin Media, TalkTalk, BT and the other multiplay vendors. Here’s the pricing with the Now TV Entertainment package, but you can have it with the Movies and/or Sports collections too:

‘Brilliant Broadband’ is speeds up to 17Mbps, ‘Fab Fibre’ (up to 38Mbps) and ‘Super Fibre’ (up to 76Mbps). Similarly, there are three call package options too. These are the self-explanatory: Pay As You Use package, the Evenings and Weekends option and Anytime Calls.

The cheapest combo comes in at £9.99 plus £17.99 line rental, though if you opt for an Unlimited Brilliant Broadband package, you’ll also need to part with a £40 set-up fee. That rises to £50 for Unlimited Fab Fibre and Unlimited Super Fibre.

One of the biggest attractions is the flexibility to change or cancel the combo whenever you wish, though that doesn’t apply to the 12-month Saver, which removes the setup fee.

Virgin’s list bundles are: