September 29, 2007

This week's highlights on BBC HD

With the Beeb's autumn season now in full swing, it's great to see so many of the flagship shows appearing on the HD channel. Three to watch for this week:

New Europe with Michael Palin
(Sundays, 9pm)
The photography in this series has been breathtaking in HD. I hadn't appreciated just what a difference HD can make to documentary filming until this series - even more than Galapagos and Blue Planet, this has been fantastic and a constant revelation. If you find Palin's travalogue patter a little grating, turn down the sound and just marvel at the picture quality. Outstanding

(Wednesdays, 9pm and 10pm)
Whether you're watching at BBC2 or BBC3 pace, the Beeb's top US import is now in its full stride with the introduction of Christopher Ecclestone's invisible man, the stand out character in season one. I'm kicking myself that I first watched this on Sci Fi, where it wasn't even in widescreen let alone HD. Fantastic fantasy that's a real treat each week.

The Tudors
(Fridays, 9pm)
The trailers for this landmark drama on Henry VIII's younger years look mouthwatering, so let's hope they put as much love and attention into the plot as they have the look.

And coming soon: season six of
Spooks ....

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