October 11, 2007

HD on Virgin Media Broadband

Another HD announcement from Virgin Media, but this one's more intriguing rather than exciting as it's for the on-trial 50mb broadband trialists, rather than the TV or VOD service:

VOOM HD Networks has inked an agreement with UK quad-play operator Virgin Media, to trial the global VOOM HD channel starting in October 2007 as part Virgin Media's 50Mbs Broadband Pilot in the UK. The deal, brokered by international broadcaster and distributor of thematic channels Chello Zone (formerly Zonemedia), marks the initial delivery of a VOOM HD channel in the UK. Since initiating its global expansion effort at MIPCOM just two years ago, VOOM HD Networks has seen exponential growth in the international marketplace. More than 1,100 VOOM HD programming hours have been sold into more than 150 countries, and the global VOOM HD channel is now available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Now, having had a quick look at www.voom.tv, I wouldn't get too excited about the content - these are channels that wouldn't even make Sky's EPG, but you have to wonder what VM's HD strategy is: TV, VOD or now IP? I'm not a fan of watching the programmes or films on my laptop, but I can see that VM are covering all options to a degree, albeit at a snail's pace.
There's more on the company and its offerings at this entry in Wikipedia

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