December 20, 2007

BBC HD over New Year

Anyone anticipating a scintillating HD extravaganza on BBC HD whilst recovering from the previous night's celebrations is going to have sore disappointment to add to their sore head!
January 1st's schedule features The Electric Proms (yet again) and then five hours of highlights from the worthy but counter productive Live Earth concert.
At 8.10pm the second Lara Croft film is shown in HD - hardly a classic. A truly dire day's offering is salvaged by Terry Gilliam's excellent Twelve Monkeys at 10.10pm. Phew...


Anonymous said...

Pity you can't do a multiple vote as there were many excellent programs on BBC HD since I was able to get it in September.

Heroes, followed closely by Power of the Planet and then maybe an equal vote to the excellent Cranford, The Tudors, Michael Palin's New Europe (where the cinematography was stunning) and Journey's Around Britain.

I discounted several others as I viewed them on VOD Extras.

Nialli said...

I forgot to set the poll up for multiple votes. However, I think you can cheat with it and vote twice if that helps :o) My vote went to Galapagos, but I couldn't really make a call between any of them, and had to miss off things like Gavin And Stacey otherwise the poll would have gone down the page forever.
I agree that BBC HD has had some absolutely fantastic shows this year - certainly streets ahead of any other HD channel, including those on Sky. Here's hoping that the 'full' channel is even better in 2008!