May 11, 2012

ITV 2, 3, 4 HD channels remain exclusive to Sky

According to Smallworld owner David Durford:
"ITV2 HD is not available to us due to the lock-out signed into the carriage agreement with the other operators. We would like to carry it, and in time we will be able to. I can't go into to much specifics but we have discussed it with ITV at the moment but (as with Five) the cost of them is prohibitive at this moment in time, due to the Sky contract. That may be why VM are holding back, but of course I cannot speak for them."
(Smallworld is a triple play cable operator serving the west of Scotland and some Northern English towns. Its TV channels line up is pretty much the same as VM but I don't think there's any direct relationship between the two companies. It doesn't carry Sky Atlantic but does have the other Sky channels that we have, including the HD versions.)

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