June 14, 2012

BT confirms its new Premiership coverage will be on Virgin Media

According to The Guardian:
BT promises its service will be available on Freeview, Virgin and Sky, and although no pricing has been outlined, costs are likely to start at about £10 a month – with fans having to fork out for both.


JRW said...

The BT option would have to be something very special for me to shell out more than I'm currently paying. With no economic recovery in sight I may not be alone in this. I suspect this will make BT's move on sport a commercial failure. What do other people think?

Kevin Lloyd said...

Yes, I was fascinated to see in the Guardian this week that the cost per game of premier league football is now higher than any other equivalent amount of time on television. Consumers have been consistently gulled. What we once had through collective systems we now individually pay for at premium prices.

If (and frankly I can't imagine that this will be case) VM have the same deal with BT as they had with ESPN (i.e. including the channel for no extra cost in the more expensive packages) then fine. Otherwise even with a significant proportion of first pick matches I'll just turn on the radio. The commentary is better in any case.

It will also make me wonder whether hating myself for paying for SS through VM is worth the candle any more. Sky will cut coverage of other sports to pay for the football deal (interesting that their share price took a big hit when the deal was announced showing that analysts are worried that the price cannot just be passed on the cash cows of all of us consumers with out direct debits out of sight and out of mind).

And LFC were just so appalling last season that I spent most of it hiding behind the sofa with my hands over the my ears. Oh the irony. Paying a fortune for some of the most painful experiences imaginable as a side notionally good enough for the CL produce dismal performance after dismal performance against utterly useless sides. Reaching for the valium now.

Nialli said...

Pretty sure I would not pay for a BT football-only channel, especially if it's only in SD. I have a season ticket for my club and rarely watch the Saturday lunchtime kick offs as I'm heading to the ground at that time or otherwise engaged.

matthew said...

Totally agree with Kevin..fellow LFC fan and to think of paying extra for the BT package...well.!!!!

Neil Gillibrand said...

I'm a Blackburn fan so it won't make any difference to me. Sadly.

I only ever paid for a months sky sports if Rovers were on at least twice, otherwise it simply wasn't worth it.

Robert said...

Sounds like bt are getting the saturday lunchtime games so not worth lfc fans paying for it as they usually play on channel 5 Thursday night so then won't play again until Sunday or Monday lol