September 02, 2012

"Give us Sky Atlantic!" demand the VMHD masses

Okay, so maybe 250+ votes doesn't necessarily constitute a "mass", but last week's poll topper for the HD channel you want most was indeed Sky Atlantic, with the ITV 2, 3 and 4 high def offerings coming in a close second. Between them, these two were streets ahead of the competition and captured more than two thirds of more than 650 votes.
As I said when launching the poll there are some additional channels on their way that will hopefully appease some but I'm sworn to secrecy (as is Media Boy).


Harkaway said...

Just nice to know we'll get some new HD channels. With some of the stuff from Sky Atlantic now showing up on other Sky channels it loses its exclusivity and may be nearer to becoming available.

Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Harkaway said...

Just saw that TCM will have an HD channel on Sky in the next week or so. This would have been my top choice although they would also need to do better programming as well for me to be completely happy.

I hope this is one we'll get soon as well.

Martine93 said...

" I'm afraid, initially TCM HD (and TCM 2) will just be available to Sky customers, but we hope that Virgin Media customers will also have the channel in the near future. I'll keep you all posted with updates on this. Sorry to disappoint at this time. "

Harkaway said...


Thanks for the update. I don't do Facebook, so it is difficult to know the latest when commercial enterprises use this conduit for communication. I appreciate you keeping me in the loop.

It would be great if this meant the SD channel would at least be upgraded to widescreen, but that is too much to hope for from what seems to be a company unsure of its unique selling point. TCM in the USA is a brilliant broadcaster showing restored prints of classic films from MGM and Warner Bros at the height of the studio system. TCM UK shows some good newer films, but (until now) was content to show stuff letterboxed when most decent channels had upgraded years ago.

Let's hope Virgin can come to terms with them soon.