December 22, 2012

New channels added - but don't get too excited now

  • CBS Drama is a new to Virgin Media in December on channel 197 and is available in the XL pack.
  • Al Jazeera English is a 24 hour international news and current affairs channel from the Middle East. It's in the M+ pack and is on channel 622
  • Al Jazeera Arabic is a 24 hour Arabic language channel providing international news and current affairs. Al Jazeera Arabic  is available on channel 836 and in the M+ pack. 
  • UMP Movies brings a touch of Bollywood on channel number 830 and in the M+ pack.
  • Sky Atlantic HD features the outstanding drama and comedy series from the US, including exclusive HBO programming, exciting new UK productions and old favourites like Mad Men. You can find it on Sky channel 108...but it still isn't on Virgin Media. You pays your money and makes your choice...


howardmicks said...

complete crock of shit,Poor yer for vm and next year doesnt look better with bt fighting to take number to slot off vm,Shouldnt be to differcult all they have to do is invest in new channels what customers want unlike vm who seem to have given up !!!

Darren Taylor said...

Come on Virgin Media give your customers the channels that we want, it's not like we don't pay enough.

Anonymous said...

CBS Drama and the Al Jazeera channels are all free-to-air on satellite, so including CBS Drama in the top tier pay package does look like a bit of a cheek on Virgin's part. Al Jazeera is even on Freeview, so Virgin's previous policy would have indicated we might have expected it to go in the free (TV M) package. These channels aren't without value, but I'm not sure they're as valuable as VM seem to think they are, judging by their inflated choice of pay packages for them.