May 31, 2013

TiVo customers get the VIP treatment for Glasto

From Recombu:
Virgin Media TiVo customers stand to get the closest to the action with this year’s Glastonbury coverage. The BBC’s six live feeds will be accessible on TiVo via the Connected Red Button whereas other TV platforms will only be able to access at least two.

The new Connected Red Button service will give viewers the option to access all of the live feeds as well as view archive content from previous festivals. At a media event earlier today, we were treated to a work in-progress version of what the Connected Red Button service will look like once Glastonbury 2013 rolls around.
Footage from last year's festival was used to demo the Connected Red Button service. The self-explanatory Artists tab will led you jump to a specific band or artist if you want to watch, say Foals' set. We were told by BBC developers that the Highlights tab, which would serve up curated clips and sets, might not make it to the final version.
It’s estimated that over 250 hours of live footage will be broadcast live by the BBC, with one live feed per each of the six main stages plus a seventh roaming camera crew capturing ancillary festival revelry.
While Virgin Media TiVo customers stand to get the best seats so to speak, you’ll also be able to access all six of the live streams online as well as from the BBC iPlayer Radio apps for iOS and Android.
More information can be found at Sky, Freeview and Freesat to get less BBC Glastonbury coverage than Virgin ...

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