February 13, 2014

Two million TiVos

Virgin Media has announced it has installed its two millionth TiVo receiver. Scott Kewley, Virgin Media’s director of digital entertainment, said: “Reaching two million TiVo customers is a huge milestone for us and we’re delighted so many people are enjoying what we believe is the best way to watch television. Virgin Media TiVo started a revolution in the way people watch and discover great TV and it’s clear from our growth that our customers agree. By offering different ways to watch, with subscription and pay-per-view options, all integrated into a straightforward, intuitive experience, there’s an unrivalled world of great entertainment at our customers’ fingertips.”
App usage on Virgin Media TiVo has reportedly increased significantly in 2013, boosted by the addition of Netflix in November. Netflix has become the second most popular app behind BBC iPlayer with YouTube third. A shame that launching an App can still result in the TiVo resetting, particularly the Spotify App which I find flaky on launch. And I still think the implementation of BBC iPlayer is something of a mess, too. The TiVo's Apps catalogue has never quite grown as promised and most Apps lack the grace or elegance you get on the newer consoles or Smart TVs. The Apps are also buried pretty deep in the EPG layout - I access Netflix via channel 204 - drilling down via the Home menu is a lengthy, fraught process at times.

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