August 29, 2015

Coming to Netflix UK

(Nialli recommendations in BOLD)
1st September
The Reconstruction Of William Zero (film, 2014)
Banshee Chapter (film, 2013)
Dark Summer (film, 2015)
The One (film, 2001)
Badults (TV, season 1)
Still Game (TV, season 4 and 5)
1971 (documentary, 2014)
Capital C (documentary, 2014)
Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed (documentary, 2014)
Living On One Dollar (documentary, 2013)
4th September
Bad Night (film, 2015)
Entertainment (film, 2014)
Nas: Time Is Illmatic (documentary, 2014)
I Dream of Wires (documentary, 2014)
5th September
Left Behind (film, 2014)
6th September
All Things to All Men (film, 2013)
9th September
Starry Eyes (film, 2014)
11th September
Monsters University (film, 2013)
Toy Story (film, 1995)
13th September
Still Life (film, 2013)
Promised Land (film, 2012)
The Wise Kids (film, 2011)
15th September
Only Fools and Horses (TV, seasons 1 and 2)
16th September
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (film, 2014)
Swing Vote (film, 2008)
The Odessa File (film, 1974)
18th September
Return to Oz (film, 1985)
Toy Story 2 (film, 1999)
Keith Richards: Under The Influence (documentary, 2015)
20th September
R.I.P.D. (film, 2013)
23rd September
From Beyond (film, 1986)
Night of the Comet (film, 1984)
Stargate: The Ark of Truth (film, 2008)
Stephen King's Thinner (film, 1996)
The Kite Runner (film, 2007)
24th September
Thor: The Dark World (film, 2013)
Iris (documentary, 2015)
28th September
Planes (film, 2013)
Housebound (film, 2014)
Spring (film, 2014)

1 comment:

Mark said...

I understand that Netflix will be losing a lot of films in the next month. This article mentions the US, not sure if the UK will be the same