May 11, 2016

The end of the TiVo STB is nigh?
Liberty Global to create single advanced set-top for all EuropeLiberty Global is to consolidate its next-generation set-top platforms, including ultimately that of Virgin Media in the UK, as part of a project dubbed ‘Eos’ by the company.
Eos is in turn part of the wider strategic plan, formerly known as ‘Liberty 3.0’ and now, according to president and CEO Mike Fries, to be known as Liberty Go. This will see the company reduce costs across the board through, among other things, common technology platforms, and build revenue through marketing advanced services.
Speaking to analysts as Liberty Global reported strong first quarter results yesterday, Fries described Eos as “a set-top we plan to roll out everywhere at some point, including in that market [the UK]”.
Virgin Media announced yesterday that it planned to roll out a new 4K-ready box that will be based on its existing TiVo platform. Speaking on the analyst call, Liberty’s chief technology officer Balan Nair said that this would be a “pretty high-powered box that will get a refreshed TiVo UI on it later this year” but added that “our goal is to get Horizon across all of Europe” ultimately, referring to the advanced set-top platform already in use in multiple Liberty Global markets. He said that Eos would be the “engine for next generation video” for the company.
Virgin Media CEO Tom Mockridge, also on the call, said that the TiVo-based box would “give us a lot more functionality for our customers” and enable the operator to remain competitive with Sky. The latter has recently launched its own high-end box, Sky Q.
Mockridge said that Eos would be “a big part” of the company’s plan to improve its TV offering in the future.
Earlier on the call, Fries described Eos as a “project name for our cloud-based set-top box” that would be “trialing later this year” and would be “faster, cheaper and provide more functionality than today’s Horizon box”.
He said that Liberty’s new Wi-Fi router, the Connect Box, which is now available in multiple European markets, “sets us even further apart from the competition” by providing up to 1Gbps across in-home networks. “This is a big issue,” he said. “When you’ve driven average customer speeds up to 100Mbps but you don’t control the in-home WiFi router, customers complain.”
Touching on the broader Liberty Go project, Fries said that this would encompass measures to increase revenue as well as trim costs, with about 60% of the value creation coming from the revenue side. On the cost side, the company is centralising elements of its operation including product development, core network management, IT and its supply chain, including consolidation of its customer care operations.
Increasing revenue will be based on upping prices thanks to new products based on Horizon, WiFi and faster broadband speeds. The company is targeting building out to seven million new homes over three years, having added 210,000 new build homes in the first quarter.


howardmicks said...

no surprise really they was always gonna ditch tivo,the lack of updates has shown that in regards taking on sky q not a chance by the time we see this box sky q is gonna more in the lead..Sky q his quality now and just gonna get better and better and regards 4k on new box do they really think sky are gonna just hand over 4k channels i dont think little to late for me ditch tivo over 2 months ago couldnt stand the slowness no longer and has for netflix i can put it on me 4k tv and have watched first 4min before it starts on tivo

matthew smith said...

Regardless if they ditch TiVO or not, something has got to change. As howardmicks ^ said the lack of updates and improvements has been so annoying. The menus are still laggy even with its own broadband connection built into it.

On the next new software update for the current box I would like to see speed improvements and more customisation, For example, more colours for menu/mini guide. Though I'm doubtful at least until the new box is released.

Great TV coverage on virgin media but where technology is concerned they live in the Stone Age.

MegaMason777 said...

If we lose TiVo to horizon I will leave Virgin Media