January 11, 2017

I'm back

Sorry it’s been so quiet on the blog over the last month or so. I managed to break my leg in late November and it limited the time I could comfortably spend on my laptop, and, unfortunately for the blog, working on my second novel took precedent.
Anyway, I’m back now, the leg’s on the mend and the second draft of the book is almost done. I still haven’t found time to call Virgin and ask them to swap my TiVos for V6s yet, and I’m unlikely to do so until I’ve waded through most of the recordings I’ll lose when I surrender my boxes.


sasha burton said...

Get well soon , hope the leg heals well. Thanks for the heads up on the virgin movie channel change didn't spot it myself lol.

Braddy77 said...

Glad your back
Before you switch to V6, I have, and this my experience

I can't sync my remote to my Samsung TV, the engineer couldn't either
The find your remote beeper does not work
You can't tell if your recording as there no lights on the front of the box
I was forced change my my AC2 hub for a hub 3 (no charge)
Positives it's much faster and Internet speed if fine

howardmicks said...

and dont forget the £65 your pocket his lighter (Robbing Gits) Braddy77

Bill said...

Call them now. There's a 6 week wait to receive your box

Nialli said...

Bill: I did just as you suggested, called Retentions (as I was seriously considering a Now/Humax alternative to save money) and I got upgraded to Vivid 200 broadband, two V6s (one off charge of £112) and my monthly bill DOWN by a tenner. Install date? Next Thursday. Very happy bunny. And we'll be doing some serious binge viewing this week of our old recordings

halcyondays said...

Definitely not a 6 week wait, i'm getting mine installed next Thursday after ordering 2 days ago