April 15, 2017

V6 update being rolled out

There's a new update being rolled out to V6 boxes to address some of the bugs.

If you have the update your firmware level will be (Home > Help & Settings > System Info > System Info). According to Virgin Media, the box should no longer crash if watching some shows; the wake up bug has been fixed and if you press play and then OK during playing back a recording it plays faster (but the voices don't go high pitched).

There are new options in the power saving settings which at the bottom of the screen;
Always On
Connected Low Power - powers down after 4 hours but still lets you watch recordings on that box from elsewhere
Eco Low Power - box will power down after 4 hours


Chris Till said...

Nice update. I like the speed watching feature quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

They need to fix the remote. Mine only works if I cradle the bottom half with one hand. If I need to press a button on the top half it doesn't register unless I use two hands.

Roger Mellie said...

I have 2 V6 boxes, one had a dodgy remote from day one. Swapped it for a new one and no problems since.

MegaMason777 said...

Just ordered two V6's, which are being posted out to me for £69.95. And I just got 25% off my fullhouse package... Virgin media rocks... But please, anyone reading this, please go through to their retention department! Not VM CS