July 06, 2017

BBC Watchdog blasts Virgin Media broadband "lies"



Danny Brooks said...

I must be one of the lucky ones. speed test:324Mbp/22Mbp

Nialli said...

I get daytime speeds of over 200mbps but most evenings it dips below half of that. Some areas though appear to be ridiculously over-subscribed, which there can be no defence for.
Still, BT et al can't compete even with a choked VM around here.

Matty Smith said...

My area hasn't got the 300Mbps yet but I do max out on the 200 Gamer package we pay for and don't get any bandwidth drop here. I even pick up a little extra speed most days. We used to get a lot of total loss of service quite often but for about a year or so now the reliability of the broadband has vastly improved unless we get a s**** load of rain which floods the man-hole in the street and cuts all services off until an engineer comes and corrects it. (this is quite rare though)

Kev said...

I updated to Tivo V6's but retained my 100mb broadband.... Since then I've been struggling to get 8mb download speeds at times.

Rang VM who couldnt find any hardware fault and have told me its probably down to "over-utilisation".. I heard those same words spoken during the Watchdog programme !

Not acceptable !!

mark, burnley said...

We pay for 200mbs, but get around 25mbs, we pay £53.48 per month for the broadband and phone, new customers get the same but with tv including bt sports for £55 per month, that's £1.52 more, for the same package we have to pay £60 more. Virgin media are a rip off merchants.