June 19, 2018

Sky Cinema On Demand HD movies return on the V6

It's taken a while, but I've just noticed that HD versions of the vast majority of Sky Cinema On Demand movies are now available on my V6 boxes. We used to have these a few years ago but in recent times the only HD On Demand movies were the newest to Sky Cinema. Now they're back.
There are a few still missing (for example, I only see SD versions of Amistad and An Affair To Remember) but everything else seems to be in both an SD and HD version.


Unknown said...

I suspect they have switched over to using IPVOD, so giving more capacity for HD on demand.

Peter Skelton said...

Is this part of the latest update? If so I don’t have this option. On Demand - Movies - Sky Cinema. No HD option available.

ray mcdowell said...

Mines working with a lot more sky cinema HD on demand content

Richard said...

Yes it is part of the new release.
In some cases you might have hd and Sd as separate entries in the catalogue and sometime you have both under same entry and you can choose.