September 17, 2008

Could this be the Samsung V+?

Pure speculation, granted, but I've found this on the Samsung site whilst looking for a cable PVR picture. You may recall that Virgin earlier this year mentioned a new V+ box being available in the second half of 2008, initially thought to be another Scientific Atlanta box (like the current V+) but later confirmed as a new Samsung machine.
This is the cable PVR on Samsung's international site; 160gb drive and just two tuners, but with both Mpeg2 and Mpeg4. More details here. If this was the release spec (which I doubt) that's a more HD capable box that would probably benefit from a bigger disc. It's a nicer looking box to my eye, looking more like a regular domestic piece of kit than the somewhat space age and plasticky design of the current V+.
Then again, it could be a completely different Samsung box or it could even be that the Samsung V+ never makes it to Virgin customers as it's still in the labs at VM and there've been no official announcements.


Anonymous said...

Looked at the specs and unless im missing something there are no HDMI ports???Bye Bye HD

Nialli said...

I think it pretty safe to assume we won't get this spec (if we get anything). I've since found references to this box on a few German sites that are dated late 2006, so one would hope Virgin are evaluating a revised spec or even a newer model.
Mind you, how old's the current V+ hardware? Telewest were rolling it out in early 2006 if I recall correctly.

BikeNutt said...

Yep, March 06 IIRC.

Callisto9000 said...

Hi!, I'm going to go HD soon and obviously upgrading to V+ as a consequence.

Is there any news about this new box and is it worth me holding off getting V+ because I don't want to be stuck with an old syle box if it's inferior?

Nialli said...

There is nothing official about the new box's availability. If you're considering the V+, I would suggest that the possible release of the Samsung PVR shouldn't really be part of your thinking: VM aren't known for speed to market, and the current V+ box is a good, high spec machine which (for most) is reliable.