November 09, 2008

Sky1 catch up programming begins

Those Virgin Media customers looking to catch up with the series they've missed whilst Sky1 has been away will be pleased to hear that Sky 2 will be screening extensive repeats of a number of series, starting November 16th.
Prison Break: from Sunday 23rd November and every day that week at 23:00 on Sky2.
24: Day 6: With the premiere of "24: Redemption" on Sky1 on Monday 24th November at 22:00, Sky2 are offering 24: Day 6 the entire series on Saturday 23rd November.
Stargate Atlantis: The first 15 episodes of series 5
They also repeating episodes of JJ Abrams new series Fringe, which I've seen and can recommend. Starting Sunday 16th November, and continuing the rest of that week, at 23:00 on Sky2.
No word yet on seasons 4 of Lost or Battlestar, but they're not due back with new series until the new year so they hopefully will follow.


jcwild said...

What, no Lost?! :-O

Anonymous said...

'Fringe' is a great series. It is a bit of a cross between programs such as 'Torchwood' and the 'X Files'.
You will probably enjoy the 'Cold Case' and 'Bones' series if you are into crime drama/forensics.
I too hope that they will repeat series 4 of 'Lost' as I switched to Sky after it had finished and will lose that series if they do not repeat it.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I thought you meant Catch Up TV On Demand, and that I'd be getting all of these without paying for L or XL TV, like the 2 or 3 Living and Bravo programmes I get.