November 21, 2008

Survivors on BBC HD this weekend

There appears to be distinct lack of imagination in the casting of BBC dramas these days, and the weekend's big debut Survivors (BBC HD Sunday, 9pm) is no exception. As anyone who saw Bonekickers earlier this year will testify, Julie Graham hasn't got what it takes to lead a top drama, but here she is again, filling in for the two Amandas (Redman and Burton - presumably now a wee bit too old for the 'action' roles) in a drama that promises much but will probably deliver little. Support this time comes from Max Beasley (from the dire Hotel Babylon) and the perpetually miserable Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who and the worst thing in Little Dorritt). Hardly inspiring.
Based on Terry Nation's seventies drama series of the same name, this looks like standard sub-Spooks BBC fayre. I could be wrong of course. More details, and the trailer, can be found here.


Anonymous said...

They probably bankrupt themselves paying for the services of that clown Jonathon Ross to be able to afford grade A actors. A shame really as the plot would appear to be quite interesting.

Afront said...

Pretty good opener I thought.