November 09, 2009

Danielle Nagler interview

Now available online, the Points of View interview with the Head of BBC HD Danielle Nagler. Here's the link to the full interview: Points of View. She's towards the bottom of the page and the interview lasts just over seven minutes.
"If it's not crisp and sharp it's not necessarily a bad HD picture"? Really??
I'm not convinced by what she says regarding the current picture quality issue on the channel - my eyes tell me the channel has lost its ability to stun the optic nerves, but she thinks otherwise. Whilst it may not all be down to bitrates there is something wrong, and even if Ms Nagler cannot see it I'm sure others at the Corporation can.
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Alexei said...

She knows the pictures crap! She just can't admit it!

BikeNutt said...

I understand why the bitrate must be reduced in order to 'squeeze' 4 or 5 HD channels onto Freeview but surely that (re)encode could happen later in the broadcast chain and still provide a separate high-bandwidth 'source' feed for cable/satellite!?

Does this mean the excellent 4hd will suffer the same fate??

As for Ms Nagler's appearance on POV, it was all spin wasn't it!

tvsersity said...

That interview was a load of rubbish, she was talking nonsense the whole way through. The reason HD exists is provide more picture detail, as without it, it's just SD. And sadly, BBC HD really is now just BBC SD. A once great channel is simply now just a waste of space.