November 19, 2009

Looking to fill a Wire-shaped hole in your life?

Virgin On Demand is to feature Wire creator David Simon's latest HBO series, Generation Kill, in high definition this autumn. If you missed it on 4HD recently, it's worth investigating although it won't be to everyone's taste. Here's the press release:
From the creator of The Wire, Generation Kill follows a battalion of elite US Marines through ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ – the first 40 days of the Iraq war. It’s based on the book of the same name by Rolling Stone reporter Evan Wright, about his own experiences of being embedded with the Marines in Iraq in 2003. The seven-part miniseries portrays the true story of the young Marines’ experience at the tip of the spear of the American invasion, as they contend with equipment shortages, an unclear strategy, moustache protocol and an espresso machine fire.


BikeNutt said...

I'm really into GKill at the moment and my only concern about the on-demand offering is the lack of DD5.1 playback. This program is, without doubt, THE best sounding programme on TV. EVER. Better even than the excellent-sounding True Blood.

I am a fan of Owain Yeoman who plays Sgt Eric Kocher (was also in 'The Nine' and 'The Mentalist'). A great British actor with a very convincing American accent.

4hd scores again & HBO rocks!

BikeNutt said...

I'm still waiting for another HBO classic to appear on VoD: The Sopranos S5 & S6. Don't suppose we'll get them any time soon though :(

Might have to ask Santa for the DVD's