August 13, 2011

OT: Boardwalk Empire returns to Sky Atlantic in September

It returns to HBO in the US on September 25th and is anticipated on Sky Atlantic a few days later. Again, Virgin Media customers will be deprived of watching arguably the best new series of the year. If you are a fan but aren't considering switching to Sky and don't want to download it by alternative means, there's now the option of subscribing to Sky Go and watching it on your PC: £15 a month with no minimum contract. Another temptation from the Dark Side. More information on Sky Go


Moroboshi said...

Game of Thrones was also excellent, and of course there's the looming shadow of a new Mad Men series someday also on the horizon.

Much as I hate Murdoch, and my long term hatred of the loathsome right wing tabloid slime has been reaffirmed over and over of late, Sky Atlantic has plenty of good content and Virgin need to secure it. Of course Sky made NONE of it themselves, but money talks and they have plenty of it.

campbellg said...

Game of Thrones has been the best series on TV for quite some time.

There really isn't any excuse now not to get it, VM, you've just got £300 million, you're customer numbers are dropping and your Tivo boxes are not going to cut it without more quality programming - you aint gonna get Sky customers jumping ship if they're going to lose many channels and so far you've only punted 50,000 Tivo boxes (+25,000 more on the way) so that's 75,000 out of a customer base of 3.8 million, that's less than 2%.

Tivo enthusiats may now doubt correct me, but at the end of the day it ain't about the kit, it's the content and we don't have the content.

Krankor said...

I have all the content I want, Sky Movies and Sky sports in HD.

It would be nice to have Sky sports 3 & 4 in HD, but it's not like I can't watch them in SD.

Throw in a TIVO box and imho I've got the best tv service going.