August 10, 2011

Sky Sports Red Button operating on V+

Reported over on Cable Forum. To find out more, press Guide on your remote, then 9 (help & info) then 2 (virgin tv) then 2 again (red button & interactive services) then press 4 - it will explain that the red button service is now available. Can't test it myself at the moment but the other Red Button functionality on the V+ is terribly slow - is this the same I wonder?
Not on TiVo (rumoured for October).


T4DJS.COM said...

think its buggy still.... tried it and kept getting football rather than tennis!!!

openviews said...

Anybody with a TIVO who records Question Time by series link will have missed this evenings special on the rioting as although the EPG updated the programme was listed as 'Title not available'. The freeview EPG however was updated and gave full details of the programme.

TIVO, the best way to watch TV? What do you think?

aycliffe_angel said...

iPlayer anyone...?!

openviews said...

The issue wasnt missing the programme itself but that the EPG needs to be able to update just as quickly as freeview otherwise in the future other programmes not covered in the catch up services that appear at short notice or are extended are going to be missed or cropped.

Lewpy said...

Some time ago (over 15 years?), I bought a VCR (video tape, for you younger readers :-)), which had this fancy "new" thing called PDC - Program Delivery Control.
It was amazing. You told it what program you wanted to record, and the broadcaster sent a signal when it was about to start, when it started, and when it finished (in the teletext subcode). No padding required. If the program was delayed, no problem: the VCR recorded it when it actually aired.

Fast-forward to the current day .... padding around programs? missed programs due to delayed transmission? Seriously? I thought digital was supposed to be "better" :-(

paininthegulliver said...

@ lewpy

100% correct

In 2011 this shouldn't even need to be given an afterthought.

farcical really.

zoidie said...

Tried last night on Football First. Opened the match choice screen and then stopped responding. After a couple of minutes had to power the box off and on.