November 04, 2012

IMPORTANT: Series Link and WishList issue 3-4 Nov

From Virgin Media:
Your "New Only" Series Link and WishList recordings may fail this weekend. If you have changed the default setting for any Series Links or WishLists to record "New Only", we recommend that you change it back to "New & Reruns" to avoid missing new recordings over the weekend. If you have missed anything on channels from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, you may be able to find your show on Catch Up.
So check those recordings of Homeland, Downton Abbey et al are set for tonight (mine had gone missing, as had Fringe, Walking Dead and Elementary later in the week ahead, so best check 'em all.


Mr Bacon said...

Thanks for that. I wondered why some recordings hadn't been done. Still got it the neck from the missus as Casualty failed to record.

Scott Tippett-wilson said...

I will have to check now :( got all of homeland to watch so far so means I may have to watch all episodes so I can watch on catchup if it failed :(