September 07, 2013

On Demand HD error 6096

Anyone else experienced a problem with Sky Movies On Demand recently?
I recorded the movie The Constant Gardener a few weeks back on Sky Action in HD, but when I played it back I found the sound was out of sync slightly, to the point I thought it unwatchable.
Fear not, I thought, it'll be in On Demand. Sure enough, it was, but every time I tried to access the HD version I got the error 6096. I though this may be a temporary demand problem, but other HD films I tried played fine, so why this one?
In the end we gave up with HD and watched The Constant Gardener in SD - a fantastic film if you haven't seen it but some of it's visual impact is lost in standard def.
Any idea what the problem might be? Not had a problem with On Demand for some time, but I had this problem on Friday evening and still have it now trying to access the film on Saturday afternoon. Odd, especially as all the other HD movies I've looked at in the Sky collection play fine.

UPDATE: Thanks to Spiderplant for explaining that this error means that the movie at the local headend needs reloading by Virgin staff and he'll sort it. Thanks fella!

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