December 27, 2013

Most popular posts of the year

The data I get on this blog sometimes makes interesting reading as it gives me an indication of what topics are most popular. It's not always a clear indicator as it tends to ignore visitors who don't venture passed the home page, but it's as good a guide as I get as to what are the most popular topics. Normally the blog has around 48k page views a month, but some posts attract a fair audience on their own.
For example, the post of 2013 with the most page views was BT Sports on Virgin Media, which had 7,433 visitors in May and is the third highest audience in all the years I've been doing this blog, closely followed by BT Sport will be on Virgin Media but pricing and HD to be confirmed (6,811 visitors). In fact the (eventual) arrival of BT Sports was by quite a distant the topic of the year, although any posts on the TV Anywhere for Android attracted at least 2,500 page views each and Netflix posts pulled in a regular 1,200+.
But it was that hardy perennial Sky Atlantic that, even though still mostly rumour, kept  attracting around 4,000 visitors each time. Even a short post like this one attracted 4,354 views.
Incidentally, the most popular post ever on VMHD was this one, which pulled in 13,479 views back in November 2011.

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