December 28, 2013

New series on Netflix this month

Those nice Netflix people have added the final season of Dexter (season 8) and the first three of The Good Wife. Also Vampire Diaries s.4 and Warehouse 13 s.4, plus there's the rather wonderful first season of the cartoon Adventure Time for those young at heart.
And if you're wondering why Sky Movies still hasn't shown the first Hobbit film - it doesn't appear to have the rights. Netflix has the streaming rights to all three Hobbit films in a deal secured back in 2011. Sky Movies normally shows films a year or so after they're in the cinema, although recently the likes of Iron Man 3  and Skyfall appeared after just six months. They may still show the Hobbit (it was on Sky Box Office / Virgin Movies VOD I think) but it's been on Netflix since August and still isn't listed in the upcoming movies on Sky Movies Premiere yet.
Incidentally, here's an interesting list that's appeared on IMDB that highlights many of the top movies on Netflix UK Hopefully the author can keep it up to date - good work fella!


kashan nasir said...
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Mark said...

Hobbit is currently a Netflix exclusive (along with the Hunger games), it was allowed as a pay per view on Sky (and Virgin) because of different rights.

Unknown said...

I have a service called Blockley and I can log into my Netflix account and have the US version on my upstairs Rokus via a different router and was shocked to find Skyfall and lots of other films not on UK service.

Unknown said...

Oops darn predictive text should read Blockless

Nialli said...

Yes, and you can access the US Netflix on a Mac or PC by adding Mediahint to your browser. And you can do it with a PS3, too.
But I'm not aware of any way to get the TiVo to access the US store. Incidentally, the US store doesn't actually have some of the UK content - the second half of Breaking Bad's final season is missing, for example