October 29, 2014

Liverpool FC TV in HD

Fans of mid-table Premiership football may be disappointed to hear that Liverpool is following the path trodden by Man Utd and is making its new HD channel a Sky exclusive. It's not clear yet if VM will continue with the SD version - if they do it will go subscription-only as Sky's introducing a £7 monthly charge for the scouse-dedicated HD channel.
(Some compensation for VM customers is that BT Sport continues to give Liverpool a high profile this season.)


mondas said...

direct update from virgin media! Not a happy bunny!


tassiekev said...
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tassiekev said...

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Very poor from Virgin. I'm an MUTV subscriber and am unable to access MUTVHD so it looks like its back to Sky for me next August.

Irrespective of which, if any team you support, Liverpool & ManUtd fans are amongst the most passionate in the world and they may be niche markets for VM in terms of the overall picture but fans vote with their feet (or in this case my remote thumb). VM will be the losers in the long run.

Irishmanc said...

How can it be poor from Virgin Media when the football teams sign an exclusivity deal with Sky TV? The people who are to blame for the lack of these channels are the football clubs which are not allowing access to these channels by their supporters.

Everytime a channel is an exclusive to Sky this is blamed on Virgin Media and suddenly people want to move to Sky. What people don't look at is why they they left Sky or chose to go with Virgin Media. With Virgin Media XL TV BT Sports is included for no extra charge when you move to Sky you have to pay for these to BT they're not free, all Virgin Media customers have access to fibre optic broadband with speeds of 50/100/152 Sky can only dream of these speeds and their fibre option is a premium service and not available to all their customers, if something goes wrong and your out of contract you have to pay for repairs with Virgin Media it's always free.

I for one will not be jumping to Sky because the Internet speed is very important to my family plus when I was with Sky I had no end of problems everytime there was bad weather but if you do move make sure your getting the same or better for the price you pay. I for one will stick with the company who has increased all their customers broadband for free and don't charge for HD, unless you take sky sports or movies in HD.