December 16, 2014

Liverpool FC TV returns to Virgin Media

For those feeling desperately underserved by Virgin's sports offering, an early Christmas present: Liverpool FC TV is back on channel 544. But it's now subscription only, and £7 a month. And only in SD (talks regarding HD carriage have stalled indefinitely apparently).


Kevin Lloyd said...

As a deeply despondent LFC supporter even SD is too distressing; HD would bring the absolute horror of this season home far too clearly.

Ray Vernon said...

I find it incredible that having left Sky after 13 years for Virgin Media I have seen my sky sports price increase and my valued Liverpool FC TV gone and now back for £7 per month. I pay £124 per month to Virgin and to maintain the same viewing I signed up for the price is now almost £10 more expensive. I have 6 months left on my contract and after that i'm going back to sky. I like virgin very much but if after signing a contract I decided to pay £10 less they would cut my service of take me to court.

Nialli said...

It's an additional £7 a month on Sky, too, for Liverpool FC TV. It was the club's decision to make it an additional subscription, not Virgin's.