December 01, 2014

Vodafone rumours

There is a lot of speculation in the telecoms market that there are a number of huge mergers/acquisitions on the cards as the industry looks to consolidate, and it looks like Virgin Media may be swept up in the maelstrom.
BT is said to be looking to acquire O2 to give it a presence in the mobile market.
Vodafone is said to be in advanced talks to acquire Tesco's BlinkBox turkey just in time for Christmas, and is also rumoured to be looking closely at Virgin Media. Whilst a deal for Virgin Media doesn't appear to be imminent there is some synergy: Vodafone hired Cindy Rose from Virgin Media last September - Rose was a senior executive at Virgin for a number of years when Neil Berkett was the big cheese.
No doubt the rich people at the top will get richer from this kind of deal - what it would mean to the average punter is less predictable.


Jon said...

It's interesting that the words "Virgin Media" has been almost completely removed from the new Tivo interface. It is like they know something is afoot, whether it be rebranding or acquisition.

Irishmanc said...

They might as well as there is little to nothing Virgin left with this company