April 23, 2015

New Sky Atlantic rumour

I haven't reported any new rumours of Sky Atlantic "coming soon" to Virgin Media, but this pic, courtesy of Media Boy on Cable Forum, is from a VM survey he's found. The suggestion is that Atlantic may appear as a subscription channel. I'm currently paying for Now TV for a few months but would still prefer to have Atlantic via my TiVo.


Willie Ames said...

I was in thailand and wont be able to skygo but thanks to skygo vpn for let me connect outside uk.

Angela Tuohey said...

I got this survey through. The last chunk is a series of packages and you have to rate them. The VM packages with TV listed Sky Atlantic among the Entertainment channels

Jaybee said...

I also got this survey. Most of the packages they showed seemed ludicrously high (with or without atlantic). Many over £100 a month