April 17, 2015

Sky Sports price hike for Virgin Customers

MediaGuardian reports that Virgin customers who take Sky’s sports package will see a £2 a month increase – double the £1 a month hike that Sky’s own subscribers face from June.
From June 1st Virgin customers who take Sky Sports will pay £2 a month more, while those who have Sky Movies will pay 50p a month more.
Virgin claims that “Sky is spreading the cost across its other TV packages, so their customers who don’t take Sports or Movies will also see the cost of their packages go up … Our rises are simpler and only mean that customers who take the content pay the increased price for that content. We don’t want to make our non-Sky Sports/Movies watching customers subsidise costs for those that do.
“This price rise is entirely due to the increase in charges we have to pay Sky … As we have made clear to Ofcom, any increase in the value of the Premier League’s live TV rights eventually ends up hitting the pockets of fans.”
This Sky Sports customer was already questionning the value I get from Sky Sports and is not a happy chappie. BT Sports costs for next season haven't been announced yet, but I think if they hit my charges too I may make a call and I think it will be Sky dropping out of the mix as I do enjoy the Champions League more than the mid-season matches from the Premiership.


duffers6358 said...

Does anyone know if VM plan to sell the Sky Sports season ticket again?

MegaMason777 said...

Yep, Virgin are after more pennies. But since my contract was up I decided to call Virgin to tell them I was thinking of going to Sky as it's cheaper with more content. They promtly took £20 straight off my bill. so I'm now on the big daddy package for £114... Sweet as