January 18, 2016

Netflix Originals in 2016

Fans of the first season on Netflix of Jessica Jones will be pleased to hear that a second series is already in production, whilst the other Marvel show, the excellent Daredevil, returns for a second season on March 18th.
Netflix has also announced the fourth season of House of Cards will arrive on March 4th whilst the superior Orange is the New Black will return on June 17th. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (which for reasons beyond me The Guardian ranked as the number one TV show of 2015 - seriously??) gets its second season on April 15th; the almost unwatchably bad Grace and Frankie returns on May 6th.

New shows are also now scheduled. The Will Arnett comedy Flaked arrives on March 11th, followed by the Ashton Kutcher family drama The Ranch on April 1st. The teen-targeted Lost & Found Music Studios also launches on April 1st, followed by an animated series Kong on April 15th, the French political drama Marseille on May 5th, the Winona Ryder supernatural Stranger Things on July 15th and Baz Luhrmann's The Get Down on August 12th.
The big one for me is the return of Better Call Saul on February 14th. It may not be a 'Netflix Original' is the strictest sense (it's shown on AMC in the US) but it is unique on Netflix in the UK and is one helluva show. 

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