February 13, 2016

NowTV Sky Sports picture quality

Has anyone with a Now TV box tried the Sky Sports service? If so, what's the picture quality like these days? Good enough or pretty good? I'm not impressed by the box's Sky Sports News's picture. 


JD said...

I have found it ok, it's better if you watch via Apple TV.
What issue do you have with Sky Sports News app? I find that really good quality?

Nialli said...

It was blocky for me on Saturday evening but has been fine ever since. Odd - broadband speed was around the 90mb mark so I doubt it was that.
I had been looking at surrendering Sky Sports HD on my Virgin package and saving myself £30 a month, just dipping in for the odd game now and again via Now TV. But when I called VM this morning I was only offered a £7 saving if I dropped Sports but wanted to keep Sky Movies HD, contrary to what I was told last week.
Maybe I'll ring again and see if I can get that original deal

Unknown said...

Been watching on my mac mini, have to say in past month really noticed improvement in picture quality (almost HD) for films and TV series. The Sport quality was always pretty good (much better than SD but not as good as HD). The improvement seems to have come after a recent silverlight update.

Sundays Arsenal game was a bit blocky however but think that was more my interest connection, the Man City Spurs game was good quality.

Monster Riffage said...

Ive found that the NOWtv picture quality of sky sports (i watch f1 mostly) is far better than virgin medias standard def sky sports output and appears closer to HD - Viewing on a 60" LED