February 28, 2016

Virgin introducing the Superhub 3

(Thanks to Matthew Smith for the lead on this story)
Virgin Media's broadband customers may soon have a new Superhub 3 (pictured) according to ISPreview.

Gregor McNeil, Virgin Media’s Managing Director for Consumer, said: "As we roll out our Vivid services with speeds up to 200Mbps across the UK we’ll be future-proofing customers’ connections with a new home router launching in the coming months."

That new router is the Superhub 3, and ISPreview has more of the technical details. It's interesting that the box's white styling (my first thought was 'it's a Wii!') is very similar to the TiVo Bolt we may be seeing in the next few months.


Chris said...

We had an engineer come out recently to upgrade us to a superhub 2 ac and he didn't seem to think we'd see much difference between the original 2 and the ac. It did make a slight difference in improving the speed, but still not that close to 200mb. As far as reliability, it's about the same. The occasional issue but nothing serious. He didn't think the superhub 3 would be much more of an improvement either and I'm inclined to agree but we'll see if we get a chance to try one. I doubt they'll offer it as a free upgrade for 200mb customers though. Even if they probably should be because without it you're not going to get what you're paying for unless you use Ethernet, but you can't use that for mobile devices anyway.

Jez24 said...

A speed test last night gave me 250mb using a Superhub 2.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention Admin^ :)

After Having the SuperHub 3 for a few days now I've been Tinkering with it a bit and checking out the settings etc etc.

We have a different looking New Web UI and the settings are so much easier to find. We still have the usual wireless settings, DHCP Settings, Port forwarding/triggering and other settings like firewall options and DMZ.

It might depend on your area, what devices your using and the settings you have configured to your Superhub which determine the speed of your device.

I ran several different speed tests on different devices my family use in the house with the superhub 3 and this was my results.

Desktop PC = 1G Ethernet Port with CAT6A Ethernet Cable: DL.208/UL.14

Laptop PC = 100MB Ethernet Port With CAT5E Ethenet Cable: DL.90/UL.8

Laptop PC = Standard 2.4GHz 54MB Wireless at approx 8m from SuperHub: DL.56/UL.9

Iphone 6S = 5GHz Wireless at approx 8m away from the SuperHub: DL.201/UL.14

Iphone 5S = 5Ghz Wireless at approx 13m away from the Superhub: DL.120/UL.10

Samsung S6 = 5GHz Wirless at approx 7m away from the Superhub: DL.209/UL.13

Xbox One = Gig Ethernet Port With CAT6A Ethernet Cable: D.207/U.14

Xbox One = 5Ghz Wirless at Approx 8m away from the SuperHub: D.199/U.13

With regards to Wirless on ALL the Superhubs, you want to make sure your channel settings are set to auto otherwise you can get a channel clash wich could make your device's wirless speeds slower.

I've heard from a neighbour that the SuperHub 2AC is just as good on the 200Mbit Broadband Package.

Warren said...

I ordered mine earlier. It's free but I have to pay £9.99 connection fee? The super hub 3 will arrive on Saturday. Something else which I was told on the phone whilst ordering my box is that when 300mbps becomes available in my area (Birmingham) I'll be automatically be upgraded as I have the new box and the advisor told me the upload speeds WILL INCREASE when your on the 300 Mbps plan and the upload speed max will be 30 Mbps.

Unknown said...

I had Virgin Media installed 10/02/2016, and have a super hub 3. I did not realize it was a super hub 3 until reading this posted. I run over 2.4GHZ and get 200MB over WIFI in the same room. I have tested on Macbook, PC and Iphne.

Unknown said...

How do u get hold of superhub3

Nialli said...

Check out this thread http://www.cableforum.co.uk/board/11/33702051-coming-soon-virgin-media-tv-2016-a-page-52.html

Unknown said...

I just phoned in this week, it's due tomorrow if Yodel don't lose it. Got a tariff reduction without asking, bonus.

wickywoowoo said...

Question about a possible new TiVo box that the above link mentioned - what happens to the shows in my current box? My box is 90% full and it would take months to watch it all and more records daily.

Would they swap hard drives or do I just lose months of recordings?

Nialli said...

To the best of my knowledge, they've never transferred old recordings when installing a new box. Whether it's technical possible, I don't know, but the time it would take to do so would make it probably a non-starter.

wickywoowoo said...

Damn. I hope we keep the same TiVo for a while then. I'm screwed otherwise.

Unknown said...

Wickywoowoo- yep months of recordings gone

wickywoowoo said...

It may be slower than at first but it still works so I'll keep the recordings.

Unknown said...

A review of the sh 3.0, i'll keep my sh 2 ac in modem mode & asus rt-ac68u router for now.https://youtu.be/gtJpFiHrewA

Unknown said...

Does anyone find there sh3.0 drops the wifi connection on hand held devices all the time. Literally mine is dropped after 2mins and then takes 10mins to find again!
Virgin told me there was a software upgrade needed but I can't believe that everyone is experiencing this as there would be Virgin customer melt down. Pa my old Virgin router was fine !

Unknown said...

Just scheduled a VM engineer to look at my 1TB TIVO (2-3 years old) due to delays, pixilation etc. as the VM helpdesk diagnosed HD bad segments errors. During the conversation I enquired if it were possible to copy some programmes to the new TIVO box (if required). Came back with the usual UK VM copyright crap. However, they did indicate that they are developing a cloud service as a means by which you can store programmes - no time scale given. I am also a bit pissed that I may have to lose all our recorded programmes due to their hardware failing.

Unknown said...

Yes. One day went off 4 times wholl internet came back on hr after i call them n pn hold. Hung hour later went off wudnt cum bk rang em booked tech same day between 4 n 7. Hr later came on. Tech came told him was bk on he did some checked wanted to swap modem incase was faulty he rang field support to swap over. Wudnt connect he was here for an hour. Swapped cables etc out side n that. Was just left with arrows flashing he cusnt understand. He left with not working and his suppervisor wud call monday. Any way me being a little tech knowledgeable. I wasnt given up. Wudnt connect so what i did is take virgin line out waited for arrows to go solid. Plugged line bsck in 2 mins later went off and bang i was connected lol