September 16, 2016

Here's what the price increase letter says...

Just got mine as an email:

From 1st November, your bill will be going up by £3.49 a month
Dear XXX,

We know when prices go up it's never welcome news. That's why we've been busy making your Virgin Media experience bigger and better than ever before. Take a look below to see how much more you can enjoy.
The good stuff just keeps coming
The new Virgin Media WiFi app is here on iOS.
We've now teamed up with The Cloud and Arqiva to give you thousands of WiFi hotspots nationwide. Our new app automatically connects you to secure hotspots in places like airports, cafes and high streets. Download and register now on your iOS device (it's available on Android™ soon).
All the football, brilliantly brought together.
Only we bring you all the live Premier League games from both Sky Sports and BT Sport in one package. That's 14 more Premier League games than last season. Plus with BT Sport we've got every live televised UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League game.
We're rolling out improved Virgin TV.
We're updating your TiVo® box to include our amazing new Series Link+, which will save whole series, record live TV and find shows on demand in places like Netflix and Catch Up. This service is unique to our customers, so if you haven't got it yet, it'll be with you soon.
The fastest widely available broadband around.
We're proud to have the UK's fastest widely available broadband. Our super reliable network offers speeds of up to 200Mbps - that's more than twice as fast as BT's and Sky's top speeds. And with unlimited downloads you can stream, game and much more, even at peak times.
Peace of mind is built into all our packages.
With inclusive servicing and repairs, you can relax knowing if your kit needs to be repaired or replaced we'll take care of it without charging you a penny - unlike Sky who charges £65 for call-outs once your Sky+ box is out of warranty.
To help you make the most of your entertainment, you can also download a helpful guide with handy hints and tips for all your services at
We really hope you'll want to carry on enjoying it all. But if not, don't worry - you can change your package at any time. Or you can cancel it before 31st October 2016 and you won't pay any cancellation charges. Just click here for more information.
Kind regards,
Mark Davidson,
Executive Director, Customer Care
Things to Note
If you are on a promotional offer we will honour it. Some of your increase may therefore happen at the end of your promotional offer. Visit to find out more.
If you are one of the thousands of customers that have Line Rental Saver you will continue to benefit from this fantastic offer. Some of your increase may therefore happen at the end of your Line Rental Saver period.
Information and prices correct at the time of going to press.


Jez24 said...

Regarding the Wi-Fi service. Apple's share of the market is down to 23% and falling. 70+% of people use Android, so why are Virgin not releasing an Android version first! Why please the majority, when you can annoy them!

Chris Till said...

Series link + is the stupidest thing they've ever introduced. It's absolutely useless. And since this update, the TiVo has been ridiculously slow to start playing a show or move through the menus. It was slow before but it wasn't annoyingly slow. Now it is excruciatingly slow. And I restarted the box to see if that would help, but it didn't.

Jez, not that many android users have a recent version of the OS, and a large percentage of people never actually download any apps at all. On iOS, it's not hugely better but more people do download and use apps regularly. It would be nice if they both came out at the same time though for the hardcore android users. Maybe it'll start to happen more often.

Jonathan Hanna said...

I hate the TiVo box so much... I recently updated from tvxl on VMHD box and it was great. This TiVo box is so restrictive. You can't just 'remind' a show, you have to record it also. You can't record a show when you want to, IE. The repeat of a show at say, 2am. The bloody box wants to record it when it was on at its original time, IE. 9 pm the night before. I hate the way Virgin is going. I am moving house, & Virgin is definitely not coming with me..

The Unsung-Hero said...

Love the way the letter invites you to cancel right at the end. Do yourselves a favour, ring them up and tell them what YOU think their service is worth. If they want you then you'll score a deal. If not then there is always Kodi. I got myself a Minix Neo U2 box and I'm trialling stealth streams tomorrow. Every UK Channel known to man, plus state side channels..... All for a tenner a month.

Jonathan Green said...

My cancellation date was 30th Sept not 31st Oct so you might want to check your letters.

Paul Southon said...

Good bye to Virgin Media. I going over to Sky for the bb/home phone and also i alrwady got Sky tv.

Lewis Brooks said...

Good for you Paul. Some of use cannot get decent fiber broadband on BT, unless you count 18mbps. It costs more to be on Virgin bb and phone plus Sky TV with q box than my current setup with virgin on top of the price hike.


Paul Southon said...

Hi lewsis brooks.
I was gonna get Sky Q, but it was cheaper in keeping Sky+Hd 2tb than Sky Q and also i dont have a 4K tv(yet) lol.
Also now i have ordered Sky fibre max bb and home phone line/sky talk international i getting 20 percent off my sky tv it self.
Sky tv £38 now will be paying £31 per month now.
See wat happens.
I have signed up for one whole year with aky tv,phone and bb.
The phone/bb could be good or rubbish?
No idea.
If its rubbish i mite come back to virgin media in one year time..
Watch this space..
All together i will be paying £74.80 per month.

Coop_uk said...

Absolute joke - I'm getting hit by the same increase and I'm a broadband only customer so get none of the benefits flouted such as sport / tivo updates etc etc. Rip off !

RodHull said...

Thanks to the glacial speed that Openreach is rolling out fibre in my area, if I leave VM the fastest BBC speed I could achieve would be betwixt 1 and 2 mbits. I'd love to leave VM due to their appalling customer service but unfortunately cannot.

Anonymous said...

I have been a customer for over 7 years. Always managed to wangle a good deal, until now. Tried 4 times on phone to no avail. All I was offered was the standard pricing. If prices keep going up at the same rate the full house package will be £200 in about 7/8 years. Ridiculous. Sky new customer prices were too tempting.

Lefty77 said...

Who are you speaking to when you ring?, You need retentions, in the 6 years I've been a customer, they always give me a good deal. I'm in the full house bundle , TV XL , 200mg bb, 2 multi room boxes, phone, been on this since it was big Kahuna. It was set to jump to around £86 per month with price increase, so I called 150 and thinking of leaving option, did the deal for £71.49, can't fault that because I was paying £69.49 anyway and the new price incorporates the price increase as well. . . .bingo!!,

Always found VM to be good , I've always got a good deal, I would avoid the ordinary customer services, they will usually only ever offer the standard price, someone in retentions told me that the customer services don't have the same power to do deals,

I've had Sky in the past and that was no bed of roses, picture problems when it rained or in the strong wind and snow, every service provider has their pro's and con's,

For the package I get off VM, I couldn't get the equivalent cheaper anywhere else, so I'm happy and as for price increases, most providers follows suit once one rolls it out

Richard said...

@no1djchris ado a price comparison with sky... call and say you want to leave and chat with the exit team.
TiVo boxes have dropped in price due to sky Q and you can get a deal esp if you want to leave.
I do this every other year and get a loyalty discount which takes the edge off the sting and makes it competitive.

spazzareth said...

was paying £104 a month with broadband/phone and tv - sports not movies. saw offer on VM site £69 for 200mb broadband, extra box and sky sports.. rang em got it to £68 with sports hd channels and upgrade to 200mb

Paul O'Hare said...

OK second year in a row this has happened. Called retentions and say I want to leave as price is too much and they say, on three seperate ocassions, there is nothing that they can do. So I serve them my 30 days notice and put an order in with BT. 1 week before the BT install due to go ahead, they call back and offer me the same deal that I was on before namely:
- 100mps Broadband
- Line Rental

All in for £35 per month (inc. line rental). The difference this time is it is on a 12 month contract and not an 18 month one like last time. Once they offered this I cancel the BT install. Its the same every year, why do I actually have to serve them notice and take an order out elsewhere for them to then give me a good deal?

Lefty77 said...

@Paul O'Hare - Strange that mate, i have always found retentions to be really good. In my case, i guess it could be because i have been on a retentions deal for the past 3 years or so, by that, i mean i call retentions at the end of each 12 month period and they always give me a decent deal,

That seems odd that you usually have to take an 18 month contract??, that only applied in my case when i first signed up to VM, each time i renew, i'm always told, it'll be a new 12 month contract,

I guess it depends who your taking with, my current package was set to go up by a fiver on the 1st of Nov, i called retentions in September and did a new deal for 12months and my package price has only gone up by £1.50 instead of a fiver. I'm happy with that becasue it wasn't worth getting rid of my services for the sake of £1.50 increase