July 01, 2017

Why so quiet on VMHD?

You may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet on this site since the arrival of Virgin Media’s V6 box. To be honest, there has not been much going on so there’s little to report on - this blog is still active and I will report any big Virgin Media news as I have done for almost a decade now. There’s still no news of 4k content or Sky Atlantic on VM and the V6 bugs have been pretty much ironed out now (Netflix is suddenly working on my wi-fi connected V6!) and if anything new does materialise it will be posted here to keep you informed. I’ll shy away from posting rumours and speculation - just the facts (and the odd opinion or two).
If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I’ve just published my second novel and I’m working on a third. Details can be found on my other website here.


Paul Southon said...

Whats your novels?

Nialli said...

'When She Was Bad' and 'Bad For Good', published under my real name, Neil Bailey.
The first is free as a Kindle download July 3/4 BTW