August 02, 2017

Virgin Media price rises confirmed for November 1st 2017 has confirmed that Virgin is putting up prices later this year.
The cost for most new and existing customers will rise by up to £3.99 per month from November 1st. This is the first time Virgin has put up prices this year, following three price hikes in 2016.
Here's how it will affect you:

BundleTier Previous price New price 
Solus 50Mb £32.25 + £1.99 
100Mb £32.25 + £1.99 
200Mb £37.25 + £2.99 
300Mb £47.25 + £2.99 
Duals 50Mb £40 + £1.99 
100Mb £40 + £1.99 
200Mb £45 + £2.99 
300Mb £55 + £2.99 
Player 100Mb £45 + £3.49 
200Mb £50 + £3.49 

300Mb£60 + £3.49 
Mix 100Mb £52 + £3.99 
200Mb £57 + £3.99 
300Mb £67 + £3.99 
Fun 100Mb £57 + £3.99 
200Mb £62 + £3.99 
300Mb £72 + £3.99 
Full House 100Mb £68 + £3.99 
200Mb £73 + £3.99 
300Mb £83 + £3.99 
Source: Virgin Media, 01/08/17 


Unknown said...

Another increase from VM and as a luxury which is in sustainable at the moment it's time for a cut back, greed has taken over and they are starting to price themselves out of the reach of the people who put them their in the first place

KillerCroc1 said...
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evilnim said...

Savage. I'd been pretty happy with VM for years, getting pretty much 100MB speeds most of the time including peak hours. Decided to increase to Gamer 200 and drop my TV package from Full House to Player. They upgraded my modem (I was still on superhub 1!) to superhub 3. Instantly I was getting 30MB download speed for the entire evening, bouncing up to 200MB at 1am. Rubbish. Went back to my old package, and my speeds are about 10-20MB download for the entire evening. Apparently its a 'traffic management issue', which will be fixed in August. Until then I'll get a fiver off my bill. I'd rather get the internet speed I pay for! With this price hike, I'll be looking to move provider. I heard BT fibre give a 'guaranteed minimum speed' even at peak times which is higher than what I get now.

mattbuk said...

It's the super hub 3 that's the issue. The same happened with me. I was upgraded from a Superhub 2, when I had the v6 box installed. Worst mistake ever.

I read up after I started having issues with my connection and i was amazed by the amount of people with issues. I contacted virgin to try and get a superhub 2 again and after they sent out 4 superhub 3s, after promising me 2's I gave up and bought a new router and put the superhub 3 in modem mode. It solved the issue straightaway, but it cost me £200!

gsgoodman said...

I just don't get how you can agree to a contract for 12 months and then the terms are changed. I have a contract for my gas and electric which is fixed, why is it not the same for tv / broadband and mobile?

Paul O'Hare said...

As I get an exceptional deal; £35 per month all in for line rental, 100mbps BB and full house TV; I am going to be disproportionately affected. Increase of £3.99, plus I loose my £7 loyalty credit and also loose my reoccurring £10 per month credit so price increase is actually £21 for me. Had to haggle for last 3 years to remain on my £35 a month tarrif, but after several calls they always maintain that fee for me. If they don't do the same this time then I am off to sky simple.

evilnim said...

I think my issue is just exceptionally poor traffic management - I convinced them to reactivate my superhub 1 after much complaining as I too read about the issues with the 3...didn't do anything! Plus, I am using my superhub in modem mode anyway. Grossly disappointed basically

Unknown said...

I have received a email from virgin saying that my bill will go up by £3.99 for what? Because I don't see any new channels being added and sky,bt and other channel providers screwing virgin customers, can any one from virgin explain the increase