August 11, 2017

Liberty Global announced Virgin Media Q2 results

Virgin Media delivered a record number of 78k net additions and 21k customer net additions. Going against the tide, Virgin recorded its best-ever Q2 TV additions of 33k, compared to a prior loss of 17k.
Virgin attributes the growth to the relaunch of Virgin TV and the rollout of the new Virgin TV V6 set-top box.
A further 127k homes were added under Virgin Media’s Project Lightning in Q2. 33k broadband net additions included a 31k gain in the UK.

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Chris Till said...

It's good to see they're doing well. Although that's not going to make them rethink price rises. It's good to know that there is still a good market for cable tv. I think cord cutting is overrated at this point. I think it'll still make financial and practical sense to have a dedicated tv service for a number of years to come. Especially for sports fans but really for most people.

It becomes a huge hassle when all the things you want to watch aren't all in the same place. There might be a revolt against that.