September 09, 2017

Virgin Media Store appears to be live

Without any great fanfare (or even an email mailing) Virgin appears to have launched it's competitor to Sky Store. V6 only, I think, but I'm guessing as I've seen no press release yet.
Prices are pretty much the same as Sky and Amazon Video. I have no idea how it compares with those services so if anyone has a play with it please let me know. (My family has been using Amazon Video for rental and downloads for the last year as we have the App on our Sony TV and I can't see us switching any time soon.)
It's notable that it doesn't link in to your Virgin Media account but requires credit card details instead. Surely they should have linked it in to the established account and payment method? For all the delays since it was announced almost a year ago this feels somewhat cobbled together.
You currently need to sign up online rather than through your TV, which you can do here: 


Peter Skelton said...

Yeah shame you can pay a fortune for GOH but cant get it as part of your package.

Dannysat said...

Early days but at first glance it has much less content than Amazon.

It has an amount of HBO content from Sky Atlantic but seems pricey. I mean for the amount to buy a box set you could have paid for a Now TV box and watched it in real time or on Now TV catchup and come out ahead.

The idea of paying for a film in digital HD and getting the DVD through the post is taken from Sky but apart from providing birthday presents for friends seems a bit outdated. Amazon for example do not bother with the DVD to support the download.

It is a developing site so let's wait and see. For now the lack of content means if you can get Amazon on your TV through another device the the Virgin Media store won't entice you.

Jez24 said...

I guess the obvious thing is it doesn't provide anything that you can't get elsewhere for the same or less. I can understand something thinking its a good idea, however it is doomed to failure and the more forward thinking people within Virgin must see that.

Unknown said...
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Ben Brearley said...

Virgin Media TV Store is available to anyone who is with virgin media or not

Chris Till said...

Virgin Media have never been great at software that hasn't been provided to them by someone else like TiVo. I would be surprised if this was a big success but let's see.

alexander d said...

Too little.. Too late!