January 26, 2018

Free V6 upgrades?

According to TrustedReviews:
Virgin Media is offering its customers a free top-of-the-line TV box upgrade, but you’ll need to check your contract to get the best out of the offer.
The company said it’ll offer its V6 TV box to some 2.8 million existing customers without hiking up their contract costs.
It’s an attractive offer for customers familiar with Virgin’s TV services. However, given the V6 TV box has been out more than a year, it’s likely being offered to customers who are nearing the end of their contract or are already out of contract.
MoneySavingExpert offers the following advice
If your original contract with Virgin Media has ended and you've moved onto a rolling contract, without negotiating a new deal, you could be paying hundreds of pounds a year more than the promotional rate you originally signed up to. This won't always be the case though, so here's how to check:
  • Check your account or call Virgin Media to see if you have passed the minimum contract term. 
  • If you're still in contract, diarise to check for new deals at least a month before the expiry date.
  • If you are out of contract, this means you can leave Virgin Media penalty free.
It's going to be a competitive year for Virgin's TV product. Sky is likely to be under new ownership, Sky Q over broadband is promised and Now TV upgrading its service to 1080p. There have been a number of interesting news items this week and I'll be posting more before the end of the month. Stay tuned.


Irishmanc said...

Now TV movies and sport are already 1080p, my Now tv box I bought before Xmas had had 1080p out of the box as well as Freeview HD.

Irishmanc said...

I wonder are they offering to swap out all Tivo box free as when I got my V6 last year I was told to swap over the non recording TV box for my 1tb tivo, I'd prefer another V6

Nialli said...

Your TV is probably upscaling your Now TV box picture. According to Now TV the maximum from currently available boxes is 720p: https://help.nowtv.com/article/what-is-highest-streaming-quality-for-my-device

M.Pimiento said...

I bought a 4K TV last year and due to its upscaling even Now TV,via the app,at 720p looks great especially on Game of Thrones.

Irishmanc said...

Sorry I was under the impression that they broadcast the movies in 1080p and it was just limited by the box being used as my Now TV box specs are 1080p
I bought the Now TV Smart Box before Xmas, it was £14.99 with 2 months free movies,and specs say 1080p