January 29, 2018

Sky Q without the dish

The 2018 launch of Sky Q without a dish was first announced last year, but it doesn't look like it will arrive in the UK quite as soon as some hoped.
The 2018 Q1 Sky Financial Update says it will launch first in Italy, then Austria, followed by other "key markets".
Sky says the new move will allow "millions of homes" currently unable to install a dish to access the full Sky TV experience. Of course, you can get all the Sky channels in HD without a dish through Virgin Media (with one notable exception, Sky Atlantic) and the NowTV experience has all the channels at a lower cost too, but when Sky does finally launch Q without the dish there's no doubt it's a serious challenge to Virgin. I'd expect it to be a Sky broadband exclusive at launch and priced around the same as the satellite service (which VM often match or better if you call them), but Sky will launch aggressively and we should see some attractive offers from all pay-tv providers to compete. Interesting times.

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Scott McCarthy said...

The biggest thing I'm looking forward to finding out is if the Sky Q dish-less offering includes all of Sky's Ultra HD channels. Virgin Media currently has ZERO Ultra-HD channels. If I can get the full Sky Sports Ultra-HD offering over Fibre with Sky Q, I will ditch Virgin Media in a heartbeat.