May 31, 2018

BBC World Cup in 4K via iPlayer

You'll be able to watch all 29 of BBC One's World Cup games in 4K on iPlayer - but it will be a effectively a beta trial as only a limited number of viewers will be permitted. 
The BBC has confirmed it will broadcast all 29 live matches due to be shown on BBC One on its iPlayer service in 4K and HDR (high dynamic range). You'll need a compatible 4K TV or 4K set-top box running a compatible version of the BBC iPlayer app to take advantage of both picture technologies.
No details on ITV coverage yet, but the ITV Hub doesn’t even offer HD currently. 


Matty Smith said...

This is positive news! I watched the Champions league final on BT Sport in 4K and was surprisingly impressed with it. One can only hope that the World cup (on the BBC) will be just as impressive. I have a hardwired ethernet network around the house so I shouldn't have a problem streaming from BBC iPlayer. I hope Virgin Media can strike a deal with BT Sport and bring their 4K UHD channels to Virgin media customers for when the next Football season kicks off.

Chris Till said...

I was expecting the WC to be a showcase for 4K with a full compliment of special 4K channels carried on Virgin TV. So this is not good enough in my opinion. Especially not from ITV unless they announce something big soon.

I’ll have to see if any of my 4K devices will be able to access the iPlayer in 4K.

Jez24 said...

ITV haven't even got Dolby Digital!