August 01, 2018

Virgin Media's first 4K UHD channel has arrived

From the BT Sports press release:
BT Sport 4K UHD is now available to Virgin TV customers for the very first time.
This comes as BT Sport has reached a new multi-year agreement to continue broadcasting all of its sporting action to Virgin TV customers. This includes all 351 UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League games alongside 42 live Premier League matches, the FA Cup, European Rugby Champions Cup, boxing, MotoGP and much more.
Many of these major sporting events will also be shown in stunning 4K Ultra High Definition – which is four times the detail of High Definition (HD).
BT Sports 4K UHD is on channel 555 on the V6 EPG.


mattbuk said...

Any mention on HDR?

Nialli said...

Not that I've seen.

Chris said...

At first I was like, is that really 4K? Then I switched to BT Sport 1 HD, and then I switched to BT Sport 1. The SD channel is hilarious. Watching the community shield, the players faces are just featureless blobs of skin. Like playing FIFA from 10 years ago.

sasha1966 said...

Today had my nice new V6 box installed now waiting for this evening when the 4K channel comes on. remote is smaller and how tiny the box actually is compared to the old Tivo box.