February 21, 2020

TiVo to be replaced by Horizon - confirmed

Liberty Global’s fourth quarter results filing arrived this week which finally shone some light on Virgin Media’s TV strategy. Liberty has confirmed that TiVo’s long-standing reign at Virgin Media in the UK will soon end and be replaced by the Horizon 4 platform:
Virgin Media will soon roll out the company’s new user interface, Horizon 4, on its V6 boxes (replacing TiVo), and the ongoing integration of OTT apps such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
“We are open for business when it comes to app integration,” Liberty Global Chief Executive Mike Fries said.
The Horizon 4 rollout in the UK will also mark Liberty Global’s expansion of a video product that utilises the Reference Design Kit, a pre-integrated, open source software platform being managed by Comcast, Liberty Global and Charter.
“We think it will be transformational to the consumer experience in the same way X1 was for Comcast,” Fries said. “The bundle matters, and video is a big part of the bundle.”
More from Fries, the financial results and an update on Project Lightning: https://www.lightreading.com/cable-video/liberty-global-sizing-up-partnerships-to-expand-reach-of-virgin-medias-network/d/d-id/757527

The sharp-eyed among you may notice that Horizon is being built using Comcast technology. Comcast is the owner of Sky.

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