January 29, 2020

Disney+ App for Virgin Media?

According to a report in The Telegraph, Disney+ may be integrated into Sky Q at launch. That means Sky Q users will be able to access content through the Sky interface, similarly to how Virgin Media currently incorporates Netflix and Amazon Prime on the V6. Here are The Telegraph headlines, and you can read more about Disney+ here.
Sky is on the verge of a deal with Disney to bring the Hollywood superpower’s new streaming service to millions of British homes.
The pair were this weekend putting the final touches to a multi-year partnership. Sky’s rivals Virgin Media and BT will be able to carry the Disney Plus app, however, they will be unable to offer Disney Plus fully integrated with other programming.
It is understood that work is already underway to launch the service on Sky alongside its broader British debut on March 24.
So it will be a ‘Sky Exclusive’, but only in as much as that will initially be the only platform where it will be integrated into the Q search. What is not expected though is that it will be included in the monthly cost of Sky Q, which means that if you want much of the programming that was previously available on Sky Cinema (Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney) you’ll have to pay a little extra.
The good news is that it is anticipated (by The Telegraph at least) that Virgin will have the Disney+ App on the V6 at the time of launch too, as well as the more recent models of smart TVs and other streaming devices like Roku and Amazon Fire. No word yet if it will be added to the Now TV devices.
Disney has confirmed that Disney+ will cost £59.99 for an annual subscription (£5.99 per month). Those are the two available tiers, and you can cancel at any time. Either tier gets you four concurrent streams, unlimited downloads with a maximum of 10 devices and the option to create seven profiles. Disney UK doesn’t specifically mention resolution though, just ‘high-quality’ viewing. In the US Disney Plus had a wealth of 4K HDR content available at launch, including 91 movies from Marvel, Pixar, Disney, and Lucasfilm, as well as a small-but-growing cache of streamer’s original series like The Mandalorian.
It looks like it will be widely available, unlike Apple’s streaming service Apple+, which has a handful of good shows but isn’t yet on many devices except those from Apple, Amazon and Samsung.


Eddie Waring said...

Hi Apple TV + is available on Roku devices.

Disney and Apple TV + yet more streaming costs in addition to Netflix and Amazon Prime, makes you appreciate the value of the TV licence!

Litlephil said...

Virgin media need to get exclusives to rival it’s rivals. Virgin ultra HD should be on for longer period of time with more shows for its customers, come on...

Andy54 said...

When is sky 4k coming to virgin.

Nialli said...

Sorry Andy but I've had no updates on Sky 4K date since this https://www.virginmedia.com/corporate/media-centre/press-releases/extended-partnership-between-virgin-media-and-sky-to-bring-even-more-benefits-to-viewers-and-the-industry

Cable and TV Discount said...
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Unknown said...

Will films and programs be in HD at least on Disney + with Virgin ?