June 10, 2021

Euros 2021 in 4k

All BBC games will be broadcast on BBC One or BBC Two, BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website and app. The opening weekend offers audiences a first look at all home nations and some of Europe's best players:

  • Friday 11 June from 8pm, Turkey v Italy
  • Saturday 12 June from 1.15pm, Wales v Switzerland
  • Sunday 13 June from 1pm, England v Croatia
  • Monday 14 June from 1.15pm, Scotland v Czech Republic
  • Monday 14 June 14 from 7.30pm, Spain v Sweden

Fans can experience the Euros in Ultra HD quality live on BBC iPlayer, as part of a trial from the BBC. Viewers with compatible TVs and a high-speed internet connection will be able to watch 22 of the BBC's games in Ultra-High Definition and High Dynamic Range, including the first games in the competition for Wales, England and Scotland.

Unfortunately, ITV's coverage is likely to be limited to HD. ITV Hub, to my knowledge, doesn't have any 4k content.

June 09, 2021

NOW price changes

From July 15th Boost is up from £3/m to an extortionate £5/m - unclear at the moment if that price rise will be applied to existing Boost customers. 

Sky Cinema's price though is dropping from £11.99 to £9.99. Given how few new films of note are on the service these days I'm surprised it's not even lower. 

Even though I'm a Now customer I've received nothing yet to inform me of these price changes. The most comprehensive summary I've come across so far is the excellent Cord Busters site

May 18, 2021

Fox channel closes June 30th

From 30th June, Disney owned The Fox Channel will no longer be available in the UK or Ireland, with many shows now expected to appear on Star as the company continues to transfer its content to the Disney+ streaming service.
Disney acquired The Fox Channel as part of its take over of 21st Century Fox in 2019 but the channel had been broadcasting in the UK, first as the FX Channel then as Fox, since 2004. A rebranding exercise by Disney has seen the legacy Fox name dropped from many of 21st Century Fox acquired film and TV studios and the removal of the Fox Channel in the UK is another round of scrubbing away the brand.
The move will affect viewers of Fox on the Sky/NOW, Talk Talk and Virgin Media linear TV platforms from June 30th.

May 05, 2021

Radioline app update

The Radioline app on the V6 appears to be working again. The app is showing version 3.7.1 on my boxes.

April 29, 2021

The 360 experience of one seriously unhappy customer

 Just had this feedback from one unhappy customer who's switched to Virgin's 360 TV experience:

Had an upgrade to my V6 box a few weeks ago and was the worst mistake I have made. AVOID!!! Cannot recover deleted programmes and is so easy to accidentally delete programmes. Can only use one remote per box (ordered a second remote and it worked for about a week but then just stopped and have now been informed only one can pair per box, but how did it work for a week???) Had two V6 remotes before (one upstairs and one downstairs) and both controlled one box with no issue. 
The menu system looks great but functions like it's stuck in 1999. Recorded programs are very difficult to find and seem to overwrite each other. Recorded a live sports event which disappeared and was replaced by highlights aired a few days later. Have also used the virtual remote on the app which is a joke. Has buttons that don't do anything and is missing the buttons that do all the work - what's the point!!! 
The old V6 Tivo system was amazing and this so called upgrade has put them back years. So many other small things which they had over Sky which have been lost...used to be a telly addict but now I just watch Freeview. Waiting for contract to end so can move to Sky. 

Virgin launching "new entertainment service"

Virgin Media is getting ready to launch a new entertainment service. According to the Virgin announcement the new service will eventually bring a variety of top streaming services together into one place. There's a trial underway but it's only open to Broadband-only customers. Not many more details here

It sounds like they're looking to launch a device similar to Sky's Now USB sticks. As always, late to the party, but the rumour is that the new service will include Disney+ and Britbox as well as Netflix et al. Not sure exactly who this will be aimed at but I'll keep an eye out for further news.

Elsewhere, Sky Q may gain Apple's TV+ service at some point. Speculation here

April 14, 2021

Virgin Media O2 merger update

From the BBC:

The proposed £31bn merger between mobile networks Virgin Media and O2 has been provisionally approved by the UK's competition watchdog.
It will create one of the UK's largest entertainment and telecoms firms, which could become a major rival to BT.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched an investigation into the proposals last December.

More details here.

March 15, 2021

Now TV is no more - it’s just “Now” now

 Details of the rebranding of Sky’s streaming service here.  

The good news - no price rises (yet)!

March 08, 2021

BritBox coming to Virgin Media - sort of

BritBox UK is to join Amazon’s Prime Video Channels, as an add on subscription, starting in the spring.

BritBox, which is backed by ITV and the BBC, is already available to BT TV, Freeview and Freesat homes and as Amazon Prime Video Channels are available on Virgin Media (and Sky) it means BritBox will be available on the V6 and 360 boxes too.

BritBox UK will be available to Prime members this spring, for an additional monthly fee, via the Prime Video app.

March 02, 2021


We signed up to Starzplay on my V6 at 7.30pm to watch Castle Rock and Virgin are still “processing” my order at 10pm! Whole evening wasted. Not exactly “On Demand” is it? More like “When Virgin Get Round To It”. Pathetic