March 15, 2008

BBC HD running up to Easter

'At last!' the V+ club shout; BBC HD is picking up a bit of pace again in the run up to Easter. In addition to Saturday's Six Nations marathon and a double dose of Torchwood this week, and the return of Damages for its final episodes, Auntie has raided the coffers and lined up some more tasty High Def treats for the next seven days.
First off, we've got a 'drama documentary' this evening on another of those historical figures surrounded by Myth; Cortes. According to popular legend, Hernan Cortes took on the might of the Montezuma and the Aztec empire with barely a starting eleven of men and horses at his disposal. But is that the truth? Find out at 9.30pm on Saturday.
Following that at 10.30 is a movie in HD, but before you get excited and rush to the V+ I should point out that it's one I've not heard of and is hardly a box office smash. Opal Dream is an Australian tale of ... er ... the disappearance of a nine year old's invisible friends. Curious.
Wrinkle alert: Delia is in HD on Monday at 8.30, with her "How to Cheat" series. I don't know why she doesn't just go the whole hog and turn it into a 3o minute ad for M&S ready meals - far more reliable and even quicker Delia, honest...
The new series of Gavin and Stacey arrives in HD - good to see almost all of the BBC's comedy output these days is shot in HD, even if it hardly shows the format off at its finest. Come Good Friday and we have no fewer than three films in HD thanks to extended broadcasting hours for the long weekend: The Magic Roundabout, Freaky Friday and High School Musical 2 will keep the kids happy and have the V+ stuck on channel 108 all afternoon.
I'll post in the next few days on the line up for the following week. Good news folks...Toy Story 2 is coming to your sole HD channel next weekend!


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James said...

Toy Story 2?!

That'll definitely be the best that BBD HD have come up with since their initiation. Hopefully, this will serve as a launch pad for better things.

Nialli said...

Or will it prove to be another false dawn, like the Christmas programming?
Toy Story 2 is on Saturday at 5.40pm.