March 13, 2008

FilmFlex HD movies return

Good news for folk who lost their FilmFlex HD movie selection (meager though it may be); they're back, and with some new titles, too.
In SE London I'm now seeing:
2 Days in Paris
Apolcalypto (£4.50)
Black Christmas
Gone in Sixty Seconds
The Hoax (£4.25)
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Moliere (£3.50)
Pirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World (£4.50)
The Queen (£3.50)
Riser of the Footsoldier (£4.25)
The Village
At £4 except where it me, or do those prices reflect the film length? Over two hours, you pay 25p or 50p more? That's pretty pathetic...they don't do it with the SD films, so why do it for HD?
Incidentally, I've noticed that the A-Z listing in TV Choice on Demand is now listed in a different format, making it quicker to go through. Could this be a sign that they're looking to add more content shortly?

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