March 11, 2008

New V+ box will be a Samsung rather than SA/Cisco

News from this Digital Spy thread is that the new V+ box announced last week by Berkett will be manufactured by Samsung rather than Scientific Atlanta / Cisco. I don't know any more details and, as Samsung don't currently list a PVR in their product range at the moment, can't offer more details. My regular Samsung box from Virgin has been extremely reliable and I know their TVs are very popular - will the new V+ be a star performer? Will it have HD capabilities? If so, will they be Mpeg4? What size hard disc will they have? Will the SD upscaling be as good as the current V+?
If you didn't know me better, you'd think I was getting excited...
(Incidentally, my previous post on the new V+ possibly being a Cisco box has been removed as that now proves to be inaccurate speculation.)


ShadowTD said...

I'd put good money on the spec being identical to the V+ and it probably being called the same thing. I reckon VM have been able to strike a better deal for this box now that SA/Cisco have pulled the 8300.

My reasoning is based on the not inconsiderable amount of cash VM have thrown at headend MPEG4 -> MPEG2 transcoders. They've bought these to allow the network to support lower cost MPEG2 HD boxes which is what they've agreed to get Samsung to produce. That's my Awesome Prediction. We'll see if I'm right.

nialdavies said...
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